:   Uidrid

NEWWORDS is excited to announce a new video series, ADVENTURING.

These monthly installments tell a different kind of behind-the-scenes story about the NEWWORDS project during and after its making. New “exhibits” will be posted on the 1st of each month, starting in January of 2011.

  :   Abnekroment

  :   Cellegratonia

Cellegratonia is now available to view for free! Please share with friends and family.

There are 25 more films in the NEWWORDS canon. If you like this, support the project by buying the rest of the films, too!

  :   Obratyst

  :   Gzmes

  :   Loquiav

  :   Moclartlibuzzig

Here’s a Holiday gift idea – thoroughly customized, beautifully packaged DVDs containing all 26 NEWWORDS films, and a NEWWORDS t-shirt with all the words hand-screened in hand-drawn type.

You can buy both of these, along with digital downloads of the films, in the store.

  :   Operdoneaq

A short made by Chad.