:   Hundereaklva


You’ve left me obliterated. I, too was having trouble sleeping. I never have trouble sleeping. But it was a moment in my life where I was forced to call upon sleeping tricks I’d learned from daytime TV talk shows, or from a children’s book. My day, the day on which I received your message, was one of the type I have been having a lot of lately. Both the longest and shortest of days. I spent six hours standing on a claustrophobic subway for a high-contrast push of 35mm and a barely-mediocre falafel pita.

Well, now I’m confused about your location. The details you’ve encrypted led me to purchase tickets on an open-jaw flight, a slew of bus tickets, and…. well I guess it doesn’t matter now. I’m not standing at your back porch and you can count on not seeing me for another year at least.

Sorry to be curt but I’ve lost a lot of money on this deal and you seem to be taking this so lightly.

Thanks a lot,